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“…but help and support him in every physical need.” (The Fifth Commandment Explanation, Luther's Small Catechism)

Four youth from Holy Cross (and one guest) spent the morning on a catechetical field trip to Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry in Lawton, OK, to learn one of the many ways we can put the “positive spin” of the Fifth Commandment into action right in our own community. Richard, Gavin, Malikhi, Vaughn, and Sabrina joined Adriene, Pastor Jess, Lisa, Rebeka, Chuck, and others of Hungry Hearts at 10:00 a.m. October 13th, as they served free meals to over 100 people, free of charge. These students gave up 3 hours of their fall break to experience firsthand how the rubber meets the road in our lives of Christian service to our neighbor. During their time helping, they assisted with various tasks, including preparing and handing out utensils and water, washing dishes, sweeping and mopping, and emptying garbage. They also continued to bond as youth in the church, and brainstormed how they saw some of the other commandments (and explanations) at work. They and Pastor Reiter joined Holy Cross veteran adult members Yvonne and Richard, who have both helped out several times in the past. Community service has recently become a part of the catechesis process leading to confirmation at Holy Cross, and this opportunity was an excellent way for the students to get started.