About Holy Cross

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, through the work of the Holy Spirit, empowers its people to be disciples of Jesus Christ, proclaim the gospel and witness Christ's love to all people. We are part of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod - a confessional Lutheran church with more than 5,000 congregations and about 2 million members in North America.

As Lutherans, we believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. It teaches that God the Father created the world and still cares for it. Although we are dead in sin and unable to do anything to save ourselves, by His death on the cross Jesus paid the full ransom price to free us from sin and eternal death. The Holy Spirit brings us to faith in Jesus and empowers us to live as His people.  

Please join us Sundays at 9:15 a.m. for Sunday School and Adult Bible Study, followed by Worship at 10:30 a.m.